Cloud Adoption is a required step for achieving innovation, flexibility, agility and scalability. Only with method and a structured approach you can maximize the benefits of this essential change.

In few years cloud has revolutionized the way to do business and the “As A Service” model has become a lever in Business Transformation. Companies are pushed to adopt cloud solutions, but to migrate and integrate them with legacy infrastructure is a complex journey. It concerns not only infrastructure, architecture and IT operations, but involves the whole organisation: business, people, processes, culture. Thanks to our teams’ skills we support our customers in all steps of a Cloud Adoption: assessment, planning and migration, cloud architectures and infrastructures design, application modernization, processes refactoring, automation, skills re:focus, managing, monitoring and optimization.

We design the most suitable multi-cloud, vendor independent strategy to shorten time to market, increase productivity and reduce operational costs.

We strive to guarantee agility, scalability, capacity and avoid cloud service provider Lock-In, leveraging on Cloud Service Provider and Cloud Native Programming.


We offer Cloud Adoption advisory services based on our own framework, gained from our direct experience. Through our own CAF, we drive you step by step into this new scenario exceeding the complexity of cloud migration.

Our structured approach involves all the actors for fully understanding the business needs and challenges must be faced. This analysis allows us to create a business case to highlight the pros and cons and propose the tailored strategy for a successful transition to hybrid, private or public cloud.

The objective is to offer the best solutions for all the changes that migration means both on the business side (processes, skills and governance) and on the IT side (platform, security and operations).


The first step for a cloud adoption is to collect info about the infrastructure and a topology of application, network and security connections.

Thanks to our skills and tools we deeply analyze the on-premise infrastructure to plan the migration and present a detail strategy to the management.

Once the business case has been approved, we prepare the technical documentation, bridge the skills gap, face security, compliance and audit questions, create a new operation model and design how processes and activities should be adapted to support the new cloud infrastructure. Usually we migrate pilot projects to help the customer to understand the cloud benefit and us to improve the first info and design.


The Cloud Migration is a continuous process with cyclic phases. Every application, service and activity must be discovered, designed, built, integrated, validated and cut over. At the same time the operation model must be adapted to the new condition. For each case we identify the best migration pattern (Rehosting – Replatforming – Repurchasing – Refactoring – Retain -Retire).

Our teams have the skills and experience to: design new cloud architectures, migrate existing infrastructures, architectures and processes, optimize the transition in cloud of non-native applications, design native cloud solutions, refactor new applications, develop scalable and efficient hybrid storage systems and support data migration activities and cloud backup integrations.


The next step is to constantly optimize and manage the new cloud infrastructures. After the migration our Software Architects and Developers keep up their analysis to verify where to improve efficiency, automation and scalability and evolve the new architecture, how to save cost and optimize and implement the infrastructure on application side.

DevOps and SRE teams improve tools to automate, scale, monitor, report and test Cloud environments. We also offer 24×7 next generation managed services to manage the complexity of hybrid infrastructure.


We help your teams to bridge their digital skills gap, cope with the technological diversity and deliver optimal results.

Our workshops train people to DevOps culture and Agile principles and facilitate a deep understanding of the digital imperatives to be better equipped to evaluate new business models.

We offer skill assessment and training roadmap by filling roles with a digital focus and replacing traditional roles with modern ones. We design targeted training courses customizable by subject and level. We support teams in the start-up of new internal projects focused on team working and agile methodology.

Our experienced and qualified teachers combine deep technical and product knowledge with direct experiences in development and management of complex projects.


We plan and deploy innovative software architecture patterns to modernize Software lifecycle, enhancing Innovation on methodology, architectural and infrastructural level. We adopt CI/CD practices, Microservices architectural style and Cloud Native Programming to reduce the complexity of legacy modernization.

We help customers overcome monolithism with polyglot solutions to take advantage of new technologies and approach, like containers and microservices. We replace heavyweight platforms with lightweight application infrastructure using Domain Driven Design-like approach, move monolithic databases and optimize software-oriented architectures. We move quickly and creatively to gain agility, scalability, capacity and reduce time to market.