What is 


and why 

implement it

This course is intended for:
CxO, Solutions Architects, Engineers

This course covers the fundamentals of  Cloud computing and devops practices.
It is created to teach  CxO, IT Architects and Engineers how to introduce the use of the Cloud computing by understanding IT trends, products and benefits about business needs.
The course covers also an introduction to the Agile methodology best practices.

Recommend prerequisites
Working knowledge of distributed systems and multi-tier architectures
Basics of cloud computing concepts

Duration: 1 Days

Since we consider a course as a single project we apply to our trainings an iterative project management methodology suitable for any projec.
Scrum fits any project-based work, provides a framework to identify and prioritize work required and, for classroom teams, to commit to the set of priority items the attendees believe is achievable to deliver during training. A standup meeting is planned. The teacher creates a prioritized wish list. The classroom have a certain amount of time to complete their tasks. ScrumMaster keeps the attendee focused on his goal.
The sprint ends with a retrospective.



IT Challenges

  • Business needs
  • Typical state

 Production deployments
 Monolithic applications

  • Challenges

Devs challenges
Ops challenges

  • Solutions

Continuous Delivery
Continuous Integration
Infrastructure as Code
Iaas / PaaS

  • Is Ops dead?
  • Closing keypoints and feedback



  • DevOps team collaboration tools

    Code lifecycle

  • Code repository (obviously git based)

    Code review/issue management
    On premise

    Code review only
    On premise

  • Continuous integration/deployment

    On Premise

  • Team collaboration

    IRC in the 21th century


Cloud IaaS

  • Infrastructure management
  • Pets vs Cattle


Infrastructure as Code

  • Provisioning
  • Immutable Infrastructure

    Using Ansible/Puppet/Chef/Salt
    Using Terraform
    Create vs Upgrade


Microservices arcchitectures

  • Monotithic applications
  • SOA vs Microservices



  • Infrastructure


  • Project Dependencies
  • Next Steps



  • Successfull of Agile Projects
  • Continuous improvement
  • Flexible response to change
  • Achieve Business outcomes