"All the work done in these last 30 years has been extraordinary and we have 30 more years of growth ahead" said Gianfranco Marilli, SORINT.LAB's founder, as he announced the Legal Form of the company. As of June 1st 2015, SORINT.LAB S.r.l. has become SORINT.LAB S.p.A. "We are certain that we can double our size in the next 5 or 6 years" added Marilli.

SORINT.LAB, a leader in the Italian market for Project Design and 24/7 Help Desk Service, offers its customers an array of personalized, cutting edge solutions to support their IT infrastructure.
SORINT.LAB has branches in Spain, the UK and Germany, as well as, two Business Units specialized in Project Design and Security. Its customers are among the most remarkable companies in Europe and it boasts International Certifications (ISO 20K) that attest to the quality of its services

SORINT.LAB has always stood out for its Spirit of Participation, so it was no surprise when Gianfranco Marilli, SORINT.LAB's founder and his wife Annalisa Cortellini, challenged their employees to 'Creative Responsibility' at the Company's 30th Anniversary Gala. Marilli explained his motivation behind inviting his staff to collectively paint large murals at the Contemporary Art Venue, "Everyone is encouraged to actively participate in the growth of the company and to contribute innovation".

The strategy couldn't be clearer. Luca Pedrazzini, General Manager of SORINT.LAB shares his view on the recent legal form change, "The change from SORINT.LAB S.r.l to SORINT.LAB S.p.A. will sustain further development as we continue to grow in Italy and abroad, offering our Customers and Partners innovation, vendor neutrality, expertise and reliability. It is an exciting growth opportunity for everyone who has contributed to the company, and all those who work hard everyday to affirm SORINT.LAB as one of the key players of the market".

From the Sorint founder:
"...we can double our successes in the next 5-6 years."