Strategic Partnership

Where problems meet solutions...

SORINT.lab offers itself as a strategic partner in the designing, management and development of IT infrastructure. Through a culture of service, more than twenty nine years at the side of our partners (with whom we share the passion for organisation and innovation) and the independence from Hw or Sw vendors. 

We are able to offer a clear approach that allows us to create VALUES with IT.

  • Through the use of on-site hybrid and remote 7x24 services based on ISO 20000 (ITIL) and ISO 27001

  • With a "holistic" horizontal approach on all problems that renders costs clear and transparent. 

  • With a proactive and collaborative attitude towards the internal IT staff of our partners, maintaining and strengthening governance of services.

  • With the best consultants in advisory phases, who also have the responsibility to implement solutions

  • With transversality and a wide technological portfolio that guarantees the "best of class" in integration services

The strategic partnership proposal, through the offering of our services, helps the client positively marry the factors of cost/quality/agility with a MADE IN ITALY approach, recognised worldwide.