Company Culture

SORINT.lab puts people at the centre of its business.

Every person is seen as an individual project of growth, through which SORINT itself will improve.

This model of sharing business objectives through personal objectives reflects on the high level of Empathy that our people can obtain with our PARTNERS, who become the PARTNERS of the same people to whom they entrust their problems and objectives. 

This model also creates a direct and efficient connection between SORINT consultants and SORINT partners. This connection lasts over time, as the lifetime of the relationship of these subjects with SORINT is long term. The SORINT.lab Spirit is thus established, made of passion for all technologies (see technological portfolio), passion for service, passion for organisation and methodology (ITIL certified from 2000, ISO 20000, and ISO 27001 with an internal push for continuous improvement), enthusiasm for a good result in collaboration with clients (an approach towards strategic partnership and natural collaboration with IT staff of client), professionalism and transparency in relationships (punctual reporting and analysis of critical situations).


SORINT.lab's team features Highly Talented IT Techs (Talents) who make it one of the principal players in Italy for the scope of its proficiency, and the very high specialisation of its people, guaranteeing QUALITY to clients.

Talent for us means passion, technical competence at a high and transversal level, experience, team-work skills and ongoing training. The story that has allowed us to have such a high number of important "Talents" began a long time ago. With an accurate selection of personnel, continuous training, possibilities to grow nationally and internationally in high level enterprise projects and a company culture that puts people at the centre: every person is a project (see company culture).

Talents for us, are a guarantee of a high level of service and of a long term vision of the IT world, and of innovation that brings Quality to the client. Talents help the client in phases of architectural design, or in the design of services, to utilise the best technologies for their infrastructure, all the while guaranteed by the fact that the Talents work freely and independently from Business Partnerships towards Vendors which would condition their choices. Unrestricted passion also means going the extra mile, over and above contracts when clients really need help, when our sense of responsibility towards you breaks the boundaries, and we stay at your side all through the night...

The foundations on which all of our services and projects are based, are surely the number and competency of our Talents, to whom we offer all of our business frameworks and experience in then providing services and projects to our clients.