A European Opportunity

It's time for a challenging alternative, leading us into a new DIGITAL Era

Digital Industry
Economy: Change
"New Paradigm"

Cost Driven
the paradigm of the past
  • A number of alleged ‘pros' have proven of little value
  • High impact ‘cons' have arisen
  • The effect of certain ‘pros' were of short duration
  • The customer experience on offshore IT support services
    (i.e. Vendor support) has been poor in quality.









>>> Best SHORE in the digital industrial economy

  • Crisis has transformed the labour market, augmenting flexibility, productivity, knowledge of sales channels and sales processes
  • Brain Drain phenomenon has mixed cultures, improving knowledge of English
  • Europe has become attractive for  young educated migrants



Mature Countries … are now an alternative



Where the new
Humanism starts
"Best shore is in the mature countries"

ITALY is the BEST location:

  • 60K new graduates every year in technical and scientific matters.
  • IT firms are creating an ecosystem
  • Proliferation of new Start-up companies
  • New and flexible labour laws  (Jobs Act)
  • Strong Privacy and IP protection laws
  • Mature IT infrastructures
  • 2hr fly distance to every european capital








ITaly manifesto

>>> Made in ITaly MADE in europe

  • SORINT‘s strategy is to become the Best Option for Managed Services
    in all European Countries
  • A Main Competence Hub in Italy (ISO 20K)
  • A DR Center in Spain
  • Local presence in every European country (500+ tech profiles)
  • Providing innovative and reliable services to large enterprises since 1985