With the aim to support our customers with the evolution of Oracle technologies, Sorint has continued to invest in training and Oracle specialization, to ensure management of projects in on premise, Cloud and hybrid environments.

Our team’s vertical skills cover all environments, from traditional Database to engineered systems Exadata, Supercluster and Cloud innovative Services.

Sorint also provides consultancy, delivery and assessment services to customers  that are looking to adopt new solutions or optimize the existing ones, we guarantee a 24×7 specialized service to monitor and manage even the most complex architecture.



The development of an internal tool allows us to aggregate information about the licenses status collecting data from database and operating systems even in complex and large environments.The resulting output is a report that becomes the basis for an accurate analysis and proposal of recommended optimization activities to save costs and maintain compliance with Oracle audits.



Our dedicated team has attained Oracle Exadata Database Machine Specialization, recognized as a partner with the knowledge to support  our customers in Oracle Exadata and Supercluster engineered systems, for initial deployment and in the following patch management activities to ensure system’s efficiency and safety.


CLOUD- Oracle Standard Partner

The Oracle Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Specialization, certifies Sorint as a partner with the knowledge to design and implement Oracle’s cloud infrastructure solutions and to integrate them with every type of on-premise environment.

We offer Cloud propositions to migrate of an Oracle database on premise to the Cloud including Backup, harnessing the benefits of ‘Oracle Database Backup Cloud Service’, and Disaster Recovery configuration.

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GDPR e Oracle DataBase

The purpose of this activity is to identify the database security level to understand if it’s compliant with the Oracle best practices and the GDPR. Using Oracle tools, we analyze and align the database to prevent, track and monitor suspicious activities, to configure suitable data protection policies.



Our 24×7 Competence Centre provides Management services and remote migration services. In addition to Incident Management Service, our database administrator team provides periodical proactive analysis to improve the performances and the capabilities with a cost savings to support consolidation, implementation, upgrading, patching, tuning and Cloud solution activities.