If you are passionate, open source addicted, have a software-centric mindset and a drive to learn new languages and technologies.

If you are ready to face new projects and eventually to move.

Whether you’re a new grad or have years of experience, join us for a challenging and rewarding experiences in Italy or across the World!

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Sorint.Lab DE GmbH has an exciting opportunity for a Backup System Administrator who will be involved in our customer projects.…

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Frankfurt | Germany

Sorint.Lab DE GmbH is looking for a Linux System Engineer who will be in charge of installation, ordinary and extraordinary…

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Milan & Bergamo | Italy

Sorint.lab is looking for a Senior Oracle database administrator who will be encharged of databases istallation, configuration, performance and tuning.…

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Milan & Bergamo | Italy

Sorint.lab is looking for a Linux System Engineer who will be in charge of installation, ordinary and extraordinary management, troubleshooting…

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Milan Area | Italy

Design and code modern frontend applications with the latest framework technologies.

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Milan Area | Italy

If you have excellent programming skills and a passion for developing applications or improving existing ones, we would like to…

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Boston, Ma | USA

Sorint.Lab US Inc. is seeking a dedicated engineer proficient in engineering container solutions …

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Milan Area | Italy

Knowledgeable in programming fundamentals and in a variety of languages paired with a drive to learn new languages and technologies…

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Bergamo Area | Italy

You’ll need to have an excellent working knowledge of the latest technology architectures, their supporting best practices, and associated tools…

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SORINT is an unconventional people focused organization, we are our people SORINT is…its people.

We are constantly evolving by investing in people, continuous training and innovative ideas.


We need passionate leaders to carry on great ideas.

We have created an environment that is respectful and receptive to new idea, in which: dialogue is encouraged, creativity and personal initiative are awarded and error is part of growth.

Nothing is off limits, if your idea makes the most sense, that’s what’ll be done, regardless of your role or seniority.

It means to give even more space and responsibility to people, asked to be leaders, so that they can express their value and fully contribute to shape the company.


To be flexible and dynamic, we needed an evolutionary organization that could change over time, improving on the initiative of anyone.

We have designed a more real and innovative model focused on the concept of team, in which everyone can be protagonists, covering more roles and having different responsibilities and a goal to be achieved.

An organization that guarantees the leaders the autonomy they deserve, the chance of taking responsibility.

We baptized our team as Sircles.


Our common intention is to foresee the change by the seamless updating of cutting-edge technologies and processes to ensure our customers the best solutions and services.

Everyone strives for doing things in a new and creative way.

We are constantly looking for tools to bring out people’s skills, free up energies and create working teams that collaborate, grow, test and have the opportunity to improve themselves every day.

We promote a continuous training and invest in talent; through Academia, our Educational Division, everyone has the chance to improve in technical and soft skills.


We are always listening to be contaminated by every source of innovation.

We have opened offices in Europe and in the USA to be always on the edge of Innovation. We have created an active network with the major players of Innovation (start up, Open Source communities, fin Tech, International Universities) to facilitate exchanges and collaborations.

We encourage cross-cultural work experiences, long or short term, as a way to grow both personally and professionally and as a precious chance for all of us (not only for those who leave, but also for those who welcome).