This New KEY INITIATIVE of SORINT.lab is focused on the Innovation of your Data Center (DCI).

The high maintenance costs, the energy inefficiency, the low performance and the impossibility to create value (and Innovation) through the IT infrastructure is an important issue to work on.
Solving these issues is the aim of our DCI initiative.

Unix is synonym of Scalability, Availability and Reliability and Unix is the key point of our DCI.

That's why we developed a new partnership with Oracle to improve performance and efficiency through Oracle products starting in the environments with Oracle Databases.

In which case choose Oracle HW and O.S.:

- If it's important to integrate HW and Software to achieve more efficiency and performance (SPARC processors + SOLARIS)
- If Innovation is a key element (Solaris is the more advanced proprietary O.S. in the market )
- If the maintenance costs of Oracle DB is an issue (reduce TCO)

Oracle choose SORINT.lab as preferred partner in DC Innovation Initiatives to provide:

- DC trasformation (platform migration/ consolidation)
    - DC Analisys, Assessment
    - DC Innovation plan (build on a 5 years Business Case)
    - DC trasformation

- DC governance (24x7) and continuous improvement

For more information on Data Center Innovation key Initiative: