Advanced Persistent Protection

Attackers are Human / Attackers are Skilled / Attackers work 24H*7

Come and see how Sorint.SEC Advanced Persistent Protection can help your business...

We are Human / We are Skilled / We work 24H*7

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Sorint.lab UK

Sorint.Lab has officially started its new business activity in London!

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Datacenter Dynamics Converged
Datacenter Dynamics Converged - Dubai. Check the abstract of the speech Raimi Schibuola will hold on May 4th - Case study: Improving network reliability and quality to avoid cyber-attacks and keep your data safe in today's connected world - Come and join us if you want to know more about Sorint.lab
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Secondo appuntamento di Sorint.lab con il roadshow di Confindustria Digitale: stavolta saremo a Reggio Calabria per parlare di nuove tecnologie con le PMI.
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Welcome to a new era of IT services

"What many traditional IT vendors sold you in the past is often not what you need for the digital future. Their channel strategy, sales force, partner ecosystem is challenged by different competitors, new buying centres, and changed customer business model," Mr. Sondergaard (Gartner CEO) said. "Digitalization creates an accelerated technology-driven start up environment across the globe. Many of the vendors who are on top today, such as Cisco, Oracle, and Microsoft, may not be leaders in the Digital Industrial Economy."

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Made in Italy! Made in Europe!

"Where the old continent opens itself to the experience of innovation in the new economy"
We operate in all International territories, with a local philosophy.

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SORINT.lab provides services and solutions through his KEY INITIATIVES focused on high added value projects in some specific areas. 

SORINT.sec is the security Business Unit of SORINT.lab 
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Data Center Innovation is the new SORINT- ORACLE collaboration to provide transformation and innovation in your Datacenter
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Data Center Maintenance focused on the 24x7 Datacenter maintenance (HW&SW) to support the DC Transformation
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People at the centre...
..of our business. Every person is seen as an individual project of growth, through which SORINT itself will improve.
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Sorint.lab per le PMI italiane

Sorint.lab è il partner strategico per le PMI italiane per:

Cloud | Mobile | Digital Marketing | Social Enterprise | Opensource | Security

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Sorint.lab partecipa al roadshow di Confindustria digitale.
Un incontro per capire come trasformare la propria azienda in un'impresa digitale.

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